User scenarios

Below is a number of common user scenarios 

I am a researcher using medical image data
  • Easy to use visual programming for image analysis
  • Hundreds of image processing operations including
    • Image registration
    • Filters
    • Creation and handling of regions of interest
    • DICOM and NIFTI support (input and export)
    • Etc
  • Advanced visualization
I am a researcher developing image analysis tools
  • Python and Matlab code can be easily integrated in workflows
  • Saving time
    • Large set of functions that can be used for pre-processing or evaluations
    • Advanced visualization
  • Powerful tools for debugging
I am working in a larger research group
  • Floating licenses
  • Image processing workflows can be easily shared within a group
  • Image databases can be shared between researchers
I am analyzing data from clinical trials
  • Processing workflows can be easily setup and quality assured
  • Datahandling in integrated database supporting DICOM and NIFTI
  • Batch mode can be used to apply the workflow to a patient cohort
  • Results can be exported to structured excel or pdf
I am working with diagnostic imaging applications
  • Support for MR, PET and CT
  • Support for multi-modal registrations
  • Regions of interest can be imported, created and exported
  • Advanced MR-diffusion applications together with our collaborator Random walk imaging (see dViewr)
I am working with radiotherapy research
  • Support for multi-modal image registration
    • Rigid
    • Deformable
  • Support for DICOM-RT (import and export)
    • RT-Dose
    • RT-Struct
  • Specialized functions
    • Gamma analysis
I have collaborators that want to use advanced image processing methods in a very easy to use environment
  • Processing workflows can be connected directly to the visualizer
  • The user can engage these workflows without any interaction with the visual programming environment
I just want a cheap DICOM viewer with visualization, possibility to convert images and perform basic operations
  • With our free version you get this and much more functionality
  • No cost and no time limit