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  • Hundreds of image processing functions (see documentation)
  • DICOM (incl. DICOM-RT) and Nifti
  • State of the art visualisation in 2D and 3D.
  • Extensive options for exporting and sharing your work




  • Hundreds of image processing functions (see documentation)
  • DICOM (incl. DICOM-RT) and Nifti
  • State of the art visualisation in 2D and 3D.
  • Extensive options for exporting and sharing your work
  • Run unlimited analyses in batches
  • Develop processing steps in Python or Matlab
  • Run custom deep learning models in your workflows
  • Basic support and possibility of extensive SLA

Upon registration, an automatic e-mail is sent to the address supplied by you. This e-mail verifies your user and supplies your password and license key. If you do not receive one within a few minutes – please check your spam filter.

Lite License

The Lite version of MICE Toolkit is free and without time limit but requires registration. It provides a possibility for you, as potential customer, to try out the concept with visual programming and become familiar with the visualizer. All predefined standard functions (nodes) are available to you as a Lite user, together with the complete experience of the visualizer and full functionality regarding import and export. 

MICE Toolkit Lite can be used as an easy to use DICOM Viewer but does also have the power to facilitate very advanced analysis and visualization. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee support or help to our MICE Toolkit Lite customers, but have to primarily refer to our support resources, videos and examples. We hope you enjoy and find value in our free Lite version of MICE Toolkit. For further flexibility and even more possibilities please check out our Premium version.


Premium License

When you have got used to the simplicity and power of MICE Toolkit it could be that you would like to enhance the flexibility even further. With MICE Toolkit Premium you will get access to the possibility to write own function (nodes) in Matlab or Phyton. These nodes could be shared both with your colleges who have MICE Toolkit Premium and publically at our forum. There are currently a few standard nodes in MICE Toolkit that are implemented in Python, and these are only available to our Premium customers. The number is expected to increase.

Further, our Premium version allows batching over an unlimited number of patients or images, which is something that our experienced users value a lot.

With a MICE Toolkit Premium license we provide support.

Non academic licenses

MICE Toolkit has primarily been constructed as a flexible tool for researchers who work with medical image analysis or the university who teaches medical image analysis. However, the flexible graphical programming of MICE Toolkit can be just as useful for industrial research teams looking for a powerful tool with high flexibility to rapidly prototype and experiment with image analysis workflows. For this reason we also offer our premium license to non-academic settings. Simply contact us requesting pricing and we’re happy to tell you more.

Flexible deployment

The ambition is to ensure that MICE Toolkit suits the users needs, which is why it offers a comprehensive set of functionalities. In the same manner we strive to ensure that our licensing options are just as flexible. For everyone from a single user to site installations we offer a deployment tailored to your needs. So what are your options?

– License flexibility can be offered as fixed, floating or multi seat licenses, ensuring a good fit for both the computer lab and the user who works from several workstations.

– MICE Toolkit can easily be deployed as a server or windows service where it automatically performs pre- or post processing or specific analysis functions as images are loaded into a preset folder. This is a useful option for several scenarios e.g. multi site studies and can always be tailored to your specific needs.

– While MICE Toolkit is currently only adapted for Windows machines it can be deployed through virtual environments on Mac e.g. bootcamp.

When requesting pricing, simply tell us what kind of setting and needs you currently have and we will try to tailor the MICE Toolkit experience to suit your needs.