To offer MICE Toolkit™ users easy access to the most advanced diffusion analysis techniques on the market we have entered into an exclusive agreement with Random Walk Imaging AB to power the software dVIEWR.

dVIEWR powered by MICE Toolkit™ offers user friendly analysis of advanced diffusion MRI techniques through the highly flexible graphical programming user interface. While these methods have previously required advanced computing skills, this extended version of MICE Toolkit™ allows for the rapid construction of complex image analysis processes within the field of diffusion MRI.
The aim of dVIEWR is to change the way cellular tissue properties are visualized by introducing unprecedented specificity to diffusion MRI, allowing identification of new imaging biomarkers that can replace unnecessary biopsies. Powered by MICE Toolkit™, these potential biomarkers are now available for exploration in medical fields such as radiotherapy, radiology and pathology, making the dVIEWR platform ideal for medical researchers as workflows for the complex image analysis processes can be shared with the community in a standardized way.

To find out more about dVIEWR, visit the dVIEWR website